What is the best country to expatriate to from the us?

Cyprus is a beautiful, highly developed nation with a low cost of living and a comfortable tax system. Greece, Cyprus, Andorra, Portugal, the Caribbean, and Malta are among the most favorable locations for American expats. Among the most affordable countries in Europe, Spain has a high unemployment rate, so don't get your hopes up about finding a job. But the Spanish government does offer a visa to work for themselves, perfect for self-employed workers and digital nomads who flock to international technology and fashion centers such as Barcelona or hide in dreamy coastal enclaves such as the Canary Islands.

English is the primary language and business opportunities abound, but like in many developing countries, Ghana's infrastructure is doubtful. While there are many countries to consider for your new home, we've narrowed down this list of the best countries for expats by prioritizing a variety of topics including safety, friendliness, quality of life, and access to culture and outdoor activities. And although the work visa application process is laborious, it has far fewer requirements than other EU countries and allows travel anywhere in the European Schengen area for an entire year. Here are 20 of the best countries for expats to help you get started and we give you practical steps to make your dreams come true.

While housing is affordable and the people are friendly, Thailand doesn't rank as high as other countries in terms of job satisfaction and quality of life. Whether you prefer the streets of Dublin or the rocky cliffs of Donegal, Ireland is one of the best countries for expats this year. Not only is there a lot to see nationally, such as some of the best beaches in the world, but you're also just a border crossing or a short flight from other interesting countries like Vietnam, Singapore, Cambodia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. The thriving city-state of Singapore is often among the best countries for expats to live and work, thanks to job security, high-quality schools, and one of the most efficient public transportation systems in the world, which can get you around the city in no time.

The survey questions were sent to more than 20,000 expatriates from 46 countries and asked residents about the quality of life in their new homes.

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