For +30 years EXPAT WORLD has  been the premier protector of your privacy and freedom.  We have protected, through our information, products and services; your Ass & Assets no matter where in the world you reside. We have given many the opportunity to live an international lifestyle, taking advantage of the best opportunities from the world over to live a life of freedom in an unfree world. We invite you to visit us often.

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We here at EXPAT WORLD have been a world leader for more than 30 years in providing information, products and service for expats, wannabe back porch expats,  internationally thinking people, travelers and just about anyone that wants to protect their personal and financial privacy. Anyone interested in an international lifestyle. We have provided so much information, plus products and services to support the choice lifestyle of so many.


Naming just a few of the products and services we have offered are: A newsletter of international living called Expat World Newsletter, 2nd passports and nationalities, banking passports, residencies in a number of countries, offshore banking and many very hard to find banking services, offshore nameless debit cards, alternative university degrees, International driving permits, country driving licenses, an Expat World press pass, international divorces, privacy reports, country reports, international healthcare information, little know investment opportunities, home-based international job opportunities. We also have a number of novelty products that make nice unusual gifts. To mention just a couple: $100,000,000 Alien Abduction Insurance and  Homesteading the Moon permits/certificates.


The world has changed so much since 911. It is getting harder and harder to protect your ass and assets with every governmental agency collecting data on you, major companies contacting data on you, everyone collecting data on you, consequently,  we must constantly change and refresh our approach to getting you tuned into to the advantages of protecting your privacy. We also teach those that live or work overseas or acting like they do live overseas on how to get the maximum benefits while out of their Big Brothers government’s immediate grasp. The world is really your oyster to pick and choose opportunities from the pearls of the world we throw out regularly.  We provide information your lawyer won't tell you even if he knew. Join us on a regular basis, visit often for when we find out a new opportunity we publish it quickly.


I would invite you to look out for, in the next few weeks,  our fall issue of the Expat World newsletter.  It’s going to be a GIANT issue of some of the hardest to find information and products and service on this planet earth.


We, unlike our competitors, don’t have “just an order and process” way of doing business. We offer one on one dialogs on many of our services to make sure you are getting what you want and a serious concern on our part about providing that product or service.


NO MATTER IF YOU ARE ORDERING “AN ORDER AND PROCESS ITEM” or if you need a consultation before purchasing, use only this email address for all queries or additional information:


For paying for lower priced items we use PayPal.  You can go to and pay to:

our account : No need to be a PayPal member. If you have any problems, email us at the Hushmail address given.


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For 20 years now through PATA, the Pan American Travel Association, we have been issuing IDL's or more correctly IDP's - International Driving Permits.  These driving licenses are honored in over 180 countries in all corners of the world including almost all countries in  USA, Europe, Asia,  South, Central America, Australia.


One of the few stipulations of use of an IDL is they cannot be used in the country where they are ISSUED.  Our's are issued from a small remote country in Central America so if you are from anywhere else in the world except this one small country, YOU CAN USE IT in your HOME country plus +180 other countries with legality.


Other way of saying this if you are from the USA and have the AAA issue you an IDL you cannot use it in the USA but can use it in the +180 other countries that honor them. So the best bet is get it issued from anywhere but your home country.


Besides using your IDL for driving legally worldwide, it can be used in many places as identification and other clever uses.


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