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Trinity College and University offers a non-traditional "University of Life" approach to granting degrees. Through Trinity College and University YOU get to determine the limits of your earning potential and free yourself from the constraints of the State's educational monopoly.


You may need or want a degree for one or more reasons. The following list has the traditional and very acceptable reasons for seeking a first, second or additional degree:

       *  To obtain a promotion
       *  To be more proficient at work and career
       *  To obtain a better job, advancement or change professions
       *  To get qualifications required by certain positions in today's
           business world
       *  Because you have no school qualifications
       *  Because you missed out on early education, dropped out of school
       *  To get a title ( i.e. Doctor, Dr.)
       *  To follow a particular interest

Expat World has done its homework and come to the conclusion that non-traditional universities and degrees do have a useful purpose and are LEGITIMATE in their purpose and supported law in many venues. This decision to give non-traditional universities, and the degrees they confer, a second look was brought on by an ad we saw:


How much are you worth on today's job market?
Would a university degree help your career prospects and strengthen your C.V.?
Earn a Bachelor's, Masters or Doctorate by utilizing previous studies plus life/work achievements.


Please forward your C.V. for a free evaluation and advice to Trinity College

        It is becoming increasingly common for job specifications to state that a Degree is a requirement. It is also a fact that having a degree enhances the holder's chance of attaining an interview. It is also common that people have a working life, full of experience but have little or no formal qualifications.
Many people have operated at a level of expertise far in excess of their paper qualifications but are unable to obtain interviews when seeking new positions because the right qualifications do not appear on their CV. The arrival of "selection by computer", where CV's are surveyed electronically and only those containing the acceptable "buzz words" are passed through to the final human selection, are unlikely likely to be successful unless they contain the right qualifications including a reference to a degree earned.
Don't get the wrong idea!! It should be said that no-one is trying to "degrade" the efforts of those who have succeeded in completing a
 degree course, especially in an Engineering subject or indeed any other subject for that matter; rather many employers and agencies often fail to adequately answer the question as to why a degree qualification is preferable to a lifetime of experience in many subjects.
  Clearly there are subjects where a formal degree qualification is a precursor to the practice of a particular profession. The Medical profession is probably the immediate example and Trinity doesn't issue such degrees. If your chosen subject is not listed, please don't despair; Trinity will consider awarding degrees in any subject, given your experience. Please email office@expatworld.net if you don't find your degree requirements in the list or if you want consideration for a special, not listed degree.

Ethical Considerations  --  Is there an ethical question involved? Only in as much as there is no formal course or examination as the award is based on your previous experience. The pitfalls are that a potential employer must be sure that you know your subject. There is no point applying for a position in which you have no knowledge or experience. But if you have experience in a field, why should you be precluded from having a chance at interviews on the basis of a paper qualification. The British Parliament 1988 Education Act states that " The awards made by overseas educational establishments should be recognized, and the assessment and recognition of such qualifications would be a matter for the individual employer and professional bodies." So there it is, you obtain a degree based on your CV, its perfectly legal as long as it does not claim to be from a DES registered establishment or British University.
The Trinity College & University is an organization, registered in Delaware USA and running its degree program from Spain. These degrees are not, and do not claim to be recognized by the DES, there are no country residential requirements for the award of degrees from Trinity yet any official body requiring confirmation of the awards made would be supplied by Trinity with confirmation of awards made. Under present legislation these degrees are perfectly legal.
 Expat World came to find out the following about Trinity College -- a big time institution in non-traditional degree granting. Throughout Europe there are hundreds of educational establishments, colleges and universities vastly different in variety, each one being individual and different to all others. Trinity College is the most different of them all; their philosophies and progressive procedures are very special, as they totally believe that each person's learning process commences on the day of their birth and in the majority of cases, ceases only upon death. In between these two events we are all students in the "University of Life", continually storing our knowledge and experiences in the most perfect and "powerful" computer called the brain. Some are better at retaining and expressing this acquired knowledge than others, but nevertheless anyone who so desires should have recognition by the way of an academic award for, this life experience. Trinity believes that: "The knowledge of the world can only be acquired in the world, NOT in the classroom."
It's a fundamental fact of life, degrees open doors. In most instances you don't even get the rudimentary evaluation without that all important piece of of parchment. In today's world even top personnel officers feel that a non-traditional degree can be just as useful as one from a traditional establishment and England's Department of Education and Science states "the assessment and recognition of such qualifications would be a matter for individual employers, professional bodies, other educational institutions etc. in accordance with their own needs and criteria". Make note readers that all degrees available from Trinity College are in accordance with the 1968 Education and Science Act of Parliament (United Kingdom). Trinity College operates under a system known as "distance study". There are no formal examinations and no classes to attend. A course of study/reading MAY be supplied in a very few specific degrees programs offered by Trinity but usually it's just a matter of evaluating your CV and other experience given to them. The evaluation process usually takes from 4-6 weeks before your diploma is sent to you. All awards are open to everyone; there are no entry qualifications, NO admission interviews, NO barriers whatsoever. There is an exceptionally large choice of awards offered, virtually everything except traditional medicine and rocket science.
Trinity College allows credits for all previous study, work, independent or correspondence course studies, seminars, workshops, language skills and any other learning process. Trinity College is for everyone whatever their age, sex, social or ethnic background. Trinity College does not ask for you to take time off work to study or sit exams. Everything is done from the comfort of your own home. You may plan the degree awards that will best suit your own needs.
In the few courses where reading material may be required Trinity supplies it and it is designed to meet the requirements of people who may not have studied for some considerable time and may have few or no qualifications by way of "O" or "A" levels, high school degree or other formal qualification.

Although Expat World is not an expatriate employment agency or employment consultant, we do keep somewhat on top of the market through our friends at Expat Network in England and through personal letters we receive from our many expatriate readers, subscribers and clients. There has been a general feeling among factions of this group that expats, even the highly experienced old hands in the Middle East, Far East and generally worldwide can't get a foot in the door without a degree. Younger "paper qualified" personnel who, and I quote more than one letter to Exp at World, " Don't know their arise from a hole in the ground about the true nature of work", are being hired cheaper and with disregards for the many years of experience that some non-degree people have for the same positions.
We at Expat World recognize and support the role of the non-traditional school of higher education in granting degrees based upon life experience especially since we realize that obtaining a Masters Degrees through traditional education is a waste of productive years, money and time. Personally (the editor of Expat World), the time in traditional university did not prepare me for the real life ahead; true education can only be had through living life to it's fullest and expanding ones capabilities and horizons. The only thing you have at the end of that formal education is the parchment. That "paper" is transformed and traded for positions. Well the documentation Trinity College offers at the completion of the course can have the same weight as any other "parchment." You alone know what you have accomplished in life and the accreditation that is due.

IMPORTANT: Trinity College will establish the graduation date of the diploma in alignment with the lifetime curriculum of the applicant. Any requests for alternative dating of documentation should be made specifically with the application.


***THE BACHELOR of ARTS (BA) award may be selected from these five main study groups:
  1.BUSINESS STUDIES: Accountancy, Administration, Business Law,
Insurance, International law, Management, Marketing and Personnel.

    2.EDUCATION: Educational Studies and Further Education.

    3.FINE ARTS: Art and Music

    4. LIBERAL ARTS: History, Languages, Literature, Philosophy and Theology.

    5.SOCIAL STUDIES: Economics, Politics, Social Administration, and Sociology

*** THE BACHELOR of SCIENCE (BSc) award may be chosen from the following groups:
    1.BIOLOGICAL: Biology, Botany and Zoology

    2.PHYSICAL SCIENCE: Environmental Studies, Geography, and Physics

  3.MATHEMATICAL SCIENCE: Mathematics, Computer Science, Geometry and

    4.ENGINEERING: Mechanical, Electrical, Project and Constructional

    5.SPORTS SCIENCE :- Physiology, Biomechanics, Psychology.

*** THE BACHELOR of COMMERCE (BCom) award may be chosen from the following groups: 
1.BUSINESS ECONOMICS: Accounting, Budgets and Economic Forecasting

    2.BUSINESS MANAGEMENT: Financial, Economics and Investment

    3.BUSINESS POLICY: Marketing, Production and Information

   4.INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS: Financial Management, International Strategy and The Common Market

*** THE BACHELOR of LAWS (LLB) may be selected from the following groups:
    1.COMMERCIAL LAW: Financial, Contract and Sale of Goods law

    2.CORPORATE LAW: Contracts, Incorporation, Takeovers, Mergers and

    3.CRIMINAL LAW: Personal, Property, State and penal Systems

    4.EMPLOYMENT LAW: Industrial Tribunals, Redundancy, Sex Discrimi
nation, Unfair Dismissal and Union law

    5.INTERNATIONAL LAW: League of Nations, Municipal and Sea

    6.LAND LAW: Covenants, Leases and Mortgages

*** THE BACHELOR of MUSIC (BMUS) is selected from the following:


***** THE MASTER of ARTS program is as follows:


*****DOCTORATE awards follow the same pattern:

DOCTOR of PHILOSOPHY (PHD) degree is award in the Arts, Sciences, Theology and Alternative Medicine Practitioners.

DOCTOR of BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (DBA) in the field of business.

DOCTOR of EDUCATION (EdD) in the arts.

OTHER DOCTORATES in the Arts, Sciences and Theology are as follows: DOCTOR of LETTERS (DLtt), DOCTOR of LAWS (LLD), DOCTOR of MUSIC (DMus), DOCTOR of SCIENCE (DSc), DOCTOR of DIVINITY (DD).


Trinity College believes that by having an Accrediting Association, the awards are strengthened and substantiated. So when many people ask about
accreditation it was decided to form the Correspondence Accreditation Association. (CAA)


ARE MY CREDITS TRANSFERABLE TO OTHER UNIVERSITIES?? Neither Expat World nor Trinity can guarantee the transferability of credits earned at Trinity as that decision is solely the decision of the University/institution that you are applying to. Every university reserves the right to accept credits from whomever the like. This should be explored on a case-by-case basis.

DOES MY DIPLOMA HAVE A RAISED /EMBOSSED SEAL? Yes it does. You will receive an actual "Parchment" diploma complete with embossed seal.

also supply "Transcripts" or "Student Records", at extra cost, dependent upon the
subject and level. The cost for a Bachelors degree transcript is  $125, Masters $175, Doctorate $200. Not everyone needs transcripts since most European institutions do not supply them, but Trinity will supply them on the basis of your degree and your experience where required at the prices above.

HOW MUCH DO DGREES COST? - This depends upon the level of degree you wish to achieve.


WHO AUTHORIZES THE ISSUANCE? - Trinity College, The British Parliament 1988 Education Act states that "The awards made by overseas educational establishments should be recognized, and the assessment and recognition of such qualifications would be a matter for the individual employer and professional bodies." So there it is, You obtain a degree based on your CV, its perfectly legal as long as it does not claim to be from a DES registered establishment or British University.

 TO GET TO ME? - Four to six weeks from the receipt of your payment.

HOW DO I PAY FOR IT? - See below.

WHEN WAS TRINITY FOUNDED, HOW OLD IS TRINITY?? - Trinity College was founded in 1983 and is fully accredited.


GOT THE URGE TO GET YOUR "PAPER”?? No matter if your desired degree is a BS ( Bull Shit), MS ( More of the Same), or PhD ( Piled High and Deeper) Expat World can take care of all the formalities with Trinity College as their registered representative. Just fill in the application below.
Payment can be made via our website using the “Service fees” product in the Special Products and Services area. You can send a cheque (made payable to "Expat World"), CASH or money order (Payable to Expat World) or VISA/MASTERCARD details.
PLUS YOU MUST ENCLOSE A C.V./ RESUME AND/OR a letter describing in detail all of your relevant life experiences that support your request for the degree.

Send it all to:
                        Expat World
                        Box 1341 Raffles City
                        Singapore 911745
Or via email if you are paying online: office@expatworld.net please add a 5% processing fee.

If you use a courier (UPS, DHL, Fed Ex, etc) for delivery  the courier address for Expat World is: Expat World, #8 Jalan Istimewa, Singapore 278392,  Phone:  (65) 466-3836

FEES FOR YOUR DEGREE: The program fees are priced as follows.

BACHELOR Award: US $350.00 , with honors US $400.00
MASTER Award: US $500.00
DOCTORATE Award: US $700.00
The fee for ALL the awards in any one subject, inclusive is US $1000.00