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Our long time Expat World readers will be familiar with past articles we had on becoming an independent travel agent and the terrific benefits EW's clients, employees and even its editor have received over the years by becoming certified independent travel agents.

We at EW have been certified independent travel agents for a number of big travel umbrella companies. But unfortunately many of the umbrella companies have gone by the wayside in the age of internet travel booking. Fortunately about 10 years ago we hooked up with the only major travel agency in America and one of the world's largets offering a similar type program certifying and sponsoring new independent agents anywhere in the world.

Before you plan your next adventure or head off to your next business meeting, EW has the cure for your travel budget through Global Travel International (GTI). Become a travel agent today and begin receiving huge travel agent discounts and commissions on all your travel and the travel you refer.

GTI has grabbed the opportunity to create a new kind of travel agency where you save money on your personal travel and earn commissions on your friends' and colleagues' travel.

Here's how it all happened: Over the past 15 years the United States government has deregulated the travel industry, lifting restrictions for independent travel agents. These changes, combined with state-of-the-art technology now via the internet have allowed for a new system of booking travel that has literally changed the face of the travel industry.

Now, Global Travel International, a leader in the travel industry, serves as a base for thousands of independent travel agents across the globe. Anywhere in the world that people can access the internet you can make money from them. Most importantly, these independent travel agents, like you when you sign-on, enjoy the same benefits that travel agents have always received -- huge travel discounts, luxurious travel upgrades, and of course, lucrative commissions. Global Travel International (GTI) invites you to explore this concept, and see how being an independent travel agent can improve your life! The idea is quite simple. Global Travel International is a state-of-the-art travel agency with an international network of travel agents throughout the world - all earning commissions and enjoying the benefits of being travel agents.

When you become a Global Travel Independent Travel Agent, you will be on your way to earning commissions and enjoying our exclusive discounts.

To get started, you will receive a new agent support kit, including your own Travel Agent Photo I.D. Card, recognized by travel suppliers around the globe.

Travel agents enjoy some of the greatest job perks of any professional group around. When you become an Independent Travel Agent with Global Travel International, you enjoy the remarkable savings and preferred treatment reserved only for professionals of the travel industry.

· Up to 75% Savings
· Discounts On Hotels
· Agent Rates On Rental Cars
· First Class Upgrades
· Discounted Luxury Cruises
· Vacation Package And Tour Discounts
· Free Or Discounted Admission To Show, Theme Parks, And Attractions

In addition to great discounts, you can also take advantage of our industry buying power. As a Global Travel International Agent you have exclusive access to our negotiated rates, bulk contracts, and special travel discounts that are the result of our tremendous sales volume and powerful alliances within the travel industry.

Everyone travels - friends, family, and colleagues - so why not have them use GlobalTravel International to book their travel? They get the attention, service, and great fares they deserve, and you'll earn a commission.

You don't have to change your career path to take advantage of your earning potential from Global Travel International. You simply refer travel business and earn commissions.

When you become an Independent Travel Agent with Global Travel International, you immediately have access to the resources you will need to grow your income. You can work fulltime, part-time, or no-time. That's because as an independent travel agent, you are your own boss.

To book travel for yourself and to earn commissions on your clients' travel, GTI has developed a full-service, computerized reservation center located in a major travel destination in Florida. Once you become an independent agent with Global Travel, it's simple for you to use their user friendly internet system.

At the GTI they have assembled a team of salaried, professional travel consultants who can handle virtually any travel reservation from airline tickets, to hotels, to cruises, to tour packages. With details about thousands of destinations, this team of consultants can help you and your clients plan just about any trip. These professional travel consultants are always on the look-out for the lowest fares. Because our consultants earn a salary, not a commission, they don't benefit from expensive bookings. In fact, their only concern is making sure you and your clients are satisfied. That means finding the lowest rates for the travel they book and providing the extra special service that is so hard to find today.

Now, you can benefit from GTI's experience by operating under the umbrella of their license. Let's examine becoming an independent travel agent through Global Travel International. Global Travel International is one of the country's largest licensed, bonded, and accredited international travel agencies. We are accredited by the Airline Reporting Corporation (ARC), the International Airlines Travel Agent Network (IATAN), the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), and endorsed by the world's major airlines, hotels, and travel providers. These professional affiliations provide the key to your earning commissions and receiving travel agent discounts.

Global Travel has made it easy for you! Once you are an independent agent with Global Travel, they will continue to keep you informed. You will look forward to their monthly newsletter loaded with information on travel agent discounts and tips about how to increase your sales volume and commission income.

They also make sure you know about all the best deals available to travel agents, including FAM (Familiarization) trips. These special trips are deeply discounted and can even be free! They are available only to travel agents and are offered by hotels and tours to familiarize you with their destination.

GTI never sleeps. GTI offers 24-hour reservations for you and your clients via electronic ticketing throughout the world. It's easy to take advantage of the changing travel industry. To become a Global Travel International Independent Agent, all you need to do is contact Expat World by going to on of it's websites ( www.expatworld.org or www.expatworld.net and click on the link www.expatworld.globaltravel.com and when the link comes up click on “Become a Travel Agent. IMPORTANT: you will be asked somewhere in this process to enter your “priority number”. Enter 64880001. This Priority number will enable you to get into all the material you need to join as a travel agent and also get great discounts on your own travel. If by some chance you decide to telephone GTI directly to join, you we still need to tell them this priority number: 64880001.


Save on travel Cost/ Get Paid to Travel

Sign up to become an Independent Travel Agent Today!
We have the cure for your travel budget. Become an Independent Travel Agent today before you plan your next adventure or head off to your next business meeting. Receive huge travel discounts and commissions on all your travel. But don’t quit your day job, you don’t need to change career paths to take advantage of the Independent Travel Agent status.

No Experience Needed
Global Travel International , is one of the nations largest travel agencies. We are a financially strong, debt-free company with over 16 years of success. We have helped over 37,000 people, just like you begin to achieve their goals while providing top level training and support.

Become an Independent Travel Agent RISK FREE Trial!
Slash Personal and Business Travel Costs
•Earn Rebates on Airline Tickets
•Refer Friends and Family up to $150 per Referral

Member Benefits:

•Thousands of Travel Deals
•Travel Commissions Earn Up to 50%*
•Learn How to travel for FREE Travel Offers
•FREE Travel Booking Website
•FREE Marketing and Training
•Advanced Training Opportunities
•Access to Educational and Fun FAM Trips to Exciting Destination
And so much more!

Become a part of this successful company with annual travel revenues exceeding $125 million and enjoy travel discounts and make money, all while having fun! And remember, every step along the way, we’re here to lend a hand and and support you. In essence, you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself!

Every year, $4 trillion is spent on travel. It's big business. Now is the best time to travel because travel deals have never been better! So get Started with Global Travel International so you can start saving on travel today! Plus, it's also a great home-based business opportunity. You can start building your own Independent Travel Agency, that you can run from your home or office. Whether you're looking for: • Savings on your own travel • Supplement your current income • A full-time business opportunity Join over 37,000 Global Travel International Independent Travel Agents who are saving on travel and working from home as Independent Travel Agents. Book travel and earn commissions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Your travel website works full time so you don’t have to. You can even start your travel business while maintaining your current job. Just start talking about your new business and give out your website address… as people visit your site and make reservations – you get paid!


Because of recent operational changes in the website of GTI, they have found a more efficient way to get you to be a registered travel agent as EW has described above. HERE IS EXACTLY what you must do: Telephone, 1-866-244-7176, Eric Kosley and tell him you are calling concerning becoming an GTI travel agent through PIN number 64880001. He will then tend to you and offer you the best price of the day courtesy of you using the pin number 64880001. Go for it today, this opportunity has presented Expat World staff many discounts and commissions in all areas of travel over the years.

(Global Travel International) www.expatworld.globaltravel.com