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Not only do we produce the most ass & asset protecting newsletter on the market but we provide a multitude of products and services to beat the bureaucracy and keep your ass & assets in tact. Find below a list of some of our products and services. Let me add that we generally are the lowest priced and offering the highest quality products of the few competitors we have.

2nd Passports/Nationalities -- Expat World can obtain for you legal second passports from a half dozen different countries including the best value for money 2nd nationality/passport available today. Ask about our Afro Project for the cheapo. Price range from US $4900 to over $80,000.

W.G. Hill Collection CD -- If there is one thing you decide to purchase from Expat World, this should be it. This CD of 5 of the classic books of W.G. Hill is essential for anyone interested in learning about living, working, investing overseas while protecting his ass and assets from the tax man, ex-spouses and bottom feeding lawyers. The collection has so much information in it that your lawyer won't tell you even if he knew. The collection includes: "PT" -- the bureaucratic free guide to overseas living, "The Passport Report" - the ultimate book on acquiring and using a second passport, "PTO, Portable Trades & Occupations" -- Living and working abroad out of the system with trades and occupations that permit this hassle free living, "The Invisible Investor" -- the ultimate book on investing overseas where your money and your profits are out of the hands of bureaucrats, tax man, lawyers, ex-spouses and other asset reducers. The final book is our bonus to you: How to Become an Honorary Consul. Together in hard copy these books cost over US $1400. The total 5 book collection is yours for US $100 on CD

International Drivers License -- As seen on TV. Four-year validity. Issued under UN convention, good in over 180 countries, can be endorsed for one or more of the following: auto, motorcycle, light truck, heavy truck, bus. Our low cost US $135.

International Investing -- We can give you a referral to what EW thinks is the best firm offshore dealing in asset enhancement while protecting your privacy, secrecy and providing the bureaucratic shielding one needs to keep his investments and profits out of the hands of all asset reducers. Email us about our Panama asset protection specialists.

Press Passes -- get invited to all types of news breaking events. Get many other money saving advantages. We can get you a our PREMIUM PASS for $300 issued from the Expat World News International Press Corp.

Mail drop in Singapore -- For less than the cost of a pack of cigarettes per day you can have a mail drop address, fax number, phone number with extension in Singapore, that robust country in the Southeast Asia.

Offshore Corporations -- We can help you do this in a few different ways and places. Our bargain country and highly recommended is Panama at US $999.

Ordination -- Need a new lease on life, another ID, eligibility for travel discounts, possible tax savings or an "in with the big man in the sky", EW can get your ordained for under $150.

Consultancy Service -- We have a staff of experts who can help you with most any of your international, personal or business privacy, PT or Beat the Bureaucracy concern. Our charges are US $400 to answer a reasonable request pertaining to your problem. If our experts at EW can't provide the solutions, we will either refer you to an expert who can or charge you nothing.

Non-Traditional University Degrees -- Better men than most have succeeded without a college degree, but most must have this door opener. Trinity College and University working under a U.K. law which permits them to issue degrees offers a non-traditional "University of Life" approach to granting degrees. The basis for your degree is on past courses taken, seminars, and your real life work experience. Degrees are granted in most fields excepting medical doctors and rocket scientists. The fees start as low as US $250 for a Bachelors Degree to US $600 for a Doctors Degree. Degrees available on Bachelors, Masters and Doctors levels.

Various Privacy Reports -- We have a bundle of "privacy" reports we call the BBB's -- Beat the Bureaucracy Brochures--on a variety of subjects. Priced from US $20, but much cheaper by the bundle.

Instant Travel Agency -- EW can introduce you to one of the largest travel agencies in the USA (with representation in Europe) that can employ you as an independent agent and get for you the universally recognized IATAN numbered travel agents' credential. You can save big bucks on your personal travel needs. One of our writers for EW has saved thousands of dollars in travel expenses in his first year of using the card.

Alien Abduction Insurance - ALIEN ABDUCTIONS ARE ON THE RISE AS 2012 APPROACHES! EW can help. It’s a novelty item but ExpatWorld will actually pay if the named “insured” has been abducted by aliens and can prove it under the terms of the insurance, by the way, does not include abduction by your next door neighbors unless they’re proven to be “Pod People”.  And if you are the named insured and have been abducted and aren’t around any longer, ExpatWorld will pay your named beneficiaries. You simply make your case to the Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC.org.sg) and if the arbiters agree the “named insured” was abducted, Expat World will write your beneficiaries a check on the spot on the agreed upon payment schedule!

On payment for this Alien Abduction Insurance you will receive a  Policy suitable for framing.  Or keep in a safe place.   Why wait?  Life is more and more uncertain.  Get this novelty item that will actually pay off before the aliens get us.  It's a  GREAT GIFT for that person who has everything or for an Ex-wife with you as the beneficiary!

Much, much more -- We have many other services that we do on a one-to-one basis and also are adding to our products and services each month. So if you don't see it advertised in our Web site, just ask.