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Our fearless leader is often out and about wandering the world so trying to get him to slow down long enough to check emails is difficult. Be aware, that if he is traveling it could take a few days to get the native beaters to get him out of the bush.

Mail: Box 1341 - Raffles City, Singapore 91175

Courier: Please email us as this changes with the seasons.

Telephone: (SINGAPORE) 65-6466-3836

Regular unencrypted email: 



Note:  It does no good to send mail to hushmail unless it is from your hushmail account.  The accounts are free.  This is not state of the art encryption but expatworld will support it for those who wish only limited privacy.  To be fair, hushmail is still encrypted but if a government agency with the right hardware and software wants a peek, they can get in.  But it’s “target specific” – meaning they have to already be looking for you.

Note:  Cryptogroup membership comes free with a Cryptohippie RoadWarrior plan.  It it the strongest encryption available to the likes of you or I for both content and context encryption and invisible browsing.  To avail yourself of cryptogroup, follow directions in the members area of cryptohippie after you sign up that will lead to you a cryptogroup version of the Thunderbird free email handler.  Visit: www.expatworld.net/vpn and you get a 7 day free trial.  Note:  unless you are a member of “cryptogroup” and use Thunderbird, it does no good to write us from, say, a gmail account. 

Remember, it’s YOU that needs secure communication, not us.  We just advertise products.  But you may be planning on using one of them and only you know what country your inquiring from and what the dangers and laws are there and so YOU are more likely the one that needs to communicate securely.