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These Products or Services are not listed in Expat World Market as they are special order items. If you are interested in any of them please click on the title of the product. Clicking on the title will take you to our support ticket system where you choose the Product name as your "Help Topic"

2nd Passports/Nationalities -- Expat World can obtain for you legal second passports from a half dozen different countries including the best value for money 2nd nationality/passport available today. Ask about our Afro Project for the cheapo. Price range from US $4500 to over $80,000.
2. Anonymous Bank Accounts -- We have available from time to time different banks which will set up an account for you anonymously through a "pen name" with little to no ID. typical charge for set up is US $1200 -$1500.

International Drivers License -- As seen on TV. Four-year validity. Issued under UN convention, good in over 180 countries, can be endorsed for one or more of the following: auto, motorcycle, light truck, heavy truck, bus. Our low cost US $135. For more information and the application form click here.

Sparbuch -- SOLD OUT - The world first truly anonymous passbook account. Perfect for hiding that stash for any emergency. So anonymous that even the bank doesn't know who owns the account! Account located in one of the world's best bank secrecy countries. Available for US $300 per account. Discount for 3 ordered at the same time.

They are increasing hard to get especially the new ones. We at Expat World still have a limited number of old ones which are still honored and valid but they must comply with the "Rules" for the new ones issued. The only real change is that when you get a new sparbuch you have to provide Identification , for the banks files only and can't be released to anyone under penalty of imprisonment by the government of Austria. With the old sparbuch since you didn't need to provide ID to the bank when getting the sparbuch, they now make you provide an ID when you withdraw your money for the first time. You can make all the deposits you want via electronic transfer or certified checks, etc. within the approximately $20,000 account limit but you must provide identification in person for the first withdrawal.

Offshore Corporations -- We can help you do this in a few different ways and places. Our bargain country and highly recommended is Panama at US $999.

Consultancy Service -- We have a staff of experts who can help you with most any of your international, personal or business privacy, PT or Beat the Bureaucracy concern. Our charges are US $400 to answer a reasonable request pertaining to your problem. If our experts at EW can't provide the solutions, we will either refer you to an expert who can or charge you nothing.

International Investing -- We can give you a referral to what EW thinks is the best firm offshore dealing in asset enhancement while protecting your privacy, secrecy and providing the bureaucratic shielding one needs to keep his investments and profits out of the hands of all asset reducers. Email us about our Panama asset protection specialists.

Non-Traditional University Degrees -- Better men than most have succeeded without a college degree, but most must have this door opener. Trinity College and University working under a U.K. law which permits them to issue degrees offers a non-traditional "University of Life" approach to granting degrees. The basis for your degree is on past courses taken, seminars, and your real life work experience. Degrees are granted in most fields excepting medical doctors and rocket scientists. The fees start as low as US $250 for a Bachelors Degree to US $600 for a Doctors Degree. Degrees available on Bachelors, Masters and Doctors levels. For full information on degrees obtainable and full costs email expatworld@pobox.com and ask for Trinity University and College information.

Instant Travel Agency -- EW can introduce you to one of the largest travel agencies in the USA (with representation in Europe) that can employ you as an independent agent and get for you the universally recognized IATAN numbered travel agents' credential. You can save big bucks on your personal travel needs. One of our writers for EW has saved thousands of dollars in travel expenses in his first year of using the card.

You may order just about any of our products and services on line even if they are not listed in the market" Email office@expatworld.net to find out how.