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“How To Be Invisible” by J. J. Luna.

US$24.99 St. Martin’s Press

This is a recently updated classic. It doesn’t exactly fit neatly into one of the six flags theory of partitioning one’s life. However, it addresses the most important aspect of any privacy endeavor: invisibility. The author would be the first to admit that this is not a bulletproof escape plan for someone “on the lam” or being hunted by government agents or private parties with unlimited resources.

Having written the cautionary note, this book belongs in the library of anyone interested in personal privacy simply because any sane person in today’s world keeps his presence very “light” on the radar. The reasons are not that your activities are nefarious, it is that you are awash in a sea of insanity. Sure, it can be political insanity de jour but it is more likely a litigation-happy malcontent, someone infatuated with your wife, someone who hates your profession.

In short, what you own and, especially, where you live – as in your real address – should be the most secret secrets you have. The book is replete with example after example of how easily we give up this information and what we can do about it.

The book has some “international” aspects to it, but it is mostly about how to stay invisible wherever you are. Highly recommended.

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Instant Manifestation: The Real Secret to Attracting What You Want Right Now

At last! Bestselling author and Secret movie star Dr. Joe Vitale reveals for the first time how to instantly manifest what you desire. He explains the truth about the Law of Attraction and guides you into understanding the hard wired principles of the Universe.

Philippines Experience: Basic Expat Training Manual - Thinking of living in the Phillipines? Don't know what you need to do? this eBook will tell you exactly what to do to make your dream come true. I delayed my escape because I didn't know what I needed to know. Start living the dream faster. Check it out here.
How to painlessly relocate to Germany - a guide to help you relocate to Germany and live life in this beautiful country. You will find information about what you need to do BEFORE you move but also about all the bureaucracy that is involved in such a moce and the day-to-day matters that need attention once you are in Germany.
Check it out here
great Britain
How to Arrive and Thrive in the U.K. - The constantly up-to-date guide to United Kingdom immigration. Learn safely how to successfully emigrate, live and work in any part of Britain. From your visa options, to jobs, to housing, to moving, it has everything you need to know from start to finish. Check it out here.
Health Care Resources
http://www.insurancequotes.org/health-insurance/Health insurance is one of those things we don’t always think about. In fact, many of us would rather it just worked when we needed it. In a recent Kaiser study, nearly two-thirds of Americans polled did not know when the new health insurance markets opened (October 1st). Given how front and center healthcare has become to American legislators in the last year, and given that the mandates of ACA are already upon us, it’s crucial you make sure you’re getting adequate and cost-effective coverage for you and your family.
Community Service Links
http://www.caretaker.org/main.php  --- THE CARETAKER GAZETTE is a unique newsletter containing property caretaking and house sitting jobs, advice, and information for property caretakers, housesitters, and landowners. Published since 1983, it's the only publication in the world dedicated to the property caretaking field. You can also contact us on our blog site: http://caretakergazette.blogspot.com
FreeMansPerspective.com - published by renown freedom author Paul Rosenberg. Paul Rosenberg knows a lot about a lot of things. An adventure capitalist with a broad range of interests and experiences under his belt, current passions include philosophy, theology, history, psychology and physics. This diverse interest base is reflected in his extensive repertoire of published titles, including “A Lodging of Wayfaring Men”,”The Words of the Founders,” “God wants you dead” not to mention 55 engineering and construction books.
http://www.qwealthreport.com/ - Our friends at the Q Wealth Report are holding their first-ever event in Hong Kong this October, covering concrete strategies for freedom, asset protection, privacy, second citizenships, precious metals, offshore bank accounts and the like. Visit their site for information (click on 'Events') and you can also sign up for their free reports on Gold and Asset Protection.
www.PepesHideaway.com ... a private nature reserve in Manzanillo, Mexico. Accomodations in luxury thatched-roof bungalows with spectacular views and awesome sunsets.
www.25dollartravel.com - Travel on a Shoestring -- Save money, have more fun. For all the ins and outs of shoestring travel visit www.25dollartravel.com
www.joparfitt.com  -- Jo Parfitt is no stranger to the publishing world. With 27 non-fiction titles behind her, including the bestselling, Career in Your Suitcase, now in its 3rd edition, she has written books on subjects ranging from computers through careers to cookery. Sunshine Soup is her first novel.  if you read between the lines in this novel you will also learn much about how to be happy and fulfilled abroad. Issues such as loss of identity, mobile careers, the third culture kid, mixed marriages and depression all appear, which is why the book could also be viewed as a parable.  You can find this book and other books  with interest to the expat at here website : www.joparfitt.com

www.FredOnEverything.net -For those of you who don't know Fred this will be an adventure. Fred, a keyboard mercenary with a disorganized past, has worked on staff for Army Times, The Washingtonian, Soldier of Fortune, Federal Computer Week, and The Washington Times.

He has been published in Playboy, Soldier of Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Harper's, National Review, Signal, Air&Space, and suchlike. He has worked as a police writer, technology editor, military specialist, and authority on mercenary soldiers. He is by all accounts as looney as a tune.

www.expatplus.com -- Private international health insurance for expatriates We're experts in expat health insurance for individuals and companies. -- ExpatPlus is the specialist in the field of social protection of expats. With ExpatPlus, you and your family are in good hands 24/7 and everywhere. ExpatPlus is an exhaustive international expat insurance package: outpatient and in-patient treatment, evacuation and repatriation, death, incapacity and dental care. Discover our solutions at the website provided
Living in Egypt - a Community Services Association (CSA) offers programs, activities and services in support of the international expatriate community working and living in Egypt.
www.liveandinvestoverseas.com -- After more than 22 years as Editor and Publisher of International Living, Kathleen Peddicord is now Publisher of Live and Invest Overseas.com and Editor of the group? Get a FREE weekly e-letter, the Overseas Opportunity Letter, detailing the best opportunities worldwide right now for living, retiring, investing, owning real estate, and doing business. Just go to our website and register. Nobody covers this beat better.
Expatriate in Singapore - Guide to moving to live and work in Singapore with Hot Home Section for rental needs.
www.contactexpats.com -- Welcome to contactexpats.com Contact Expats worldwide through our network The website for people choosing a new life in a foreign country
Japan-guide.com - Extensive, up to date online guide to Japan living and travel information.
Expatriate in Shanghai - Guide to moving to live and work in Shanghai.
expatkl.com - Information for expatriates moving to and linving in Malaysia plus a directory of restaurants, shops, services, hotels, airlines, international schools, travel and tourist information.
Expat Network - A one stop site where professionals can resource hundreds of overseas vacancies, forthcoming project news, accurate and relevant information on necessary services, gifts, books, and insurance. Also includes online magazine - Nexus.
www.genxpat.com -- an on line forum for GenXpats (Generation Xpats). GenXpat is also the name of a great book by Margartet Malewski that is the "Young Professional's Guide to Making a Successful Life Abroad."
The Big Guide to Living and Working Overseas - Offers essential career advice and over 4, 100 resources to help young professionals build their international careers.
movetopanama.com -- Move to Panama Corporation is a company that Specializes in Retirement Relocation Services for foreign citizens moving to Panama. Our services include Immigration, Real Estate, Freight Forward and Retirement Oriented Tours among other services that a person retiring to Panama might need.
Expat Expert - Pascoe offers information, advice and online chat for expatriate spouses and families.
http://fakeiduk.com -- fluxcard.com - since 1996 -- Identity cards for novelty use only. Next day processing, quality cards and designs
www.expats.cz -- Expat community website for foreigners living in or relocating to Prague. Find flats, property, friends and advice. all free.
Singapore Expats - Singapore resources and information guide on expat relocation,living, housing. Free classified ads and listings for apartment, condoand house for Rent or Sale.
Expat Focus - Expat news, expat jobs, expat guides, expat community, expatriate services, expatriate information, expat health insurance, expatriate life insurance, expatriate medical insurance, expatriate mortgages, expat banking, expat tax advice and more...that's Expat Focus!
Living in Indonesia - Useful information about expat life in Indonesia to ease your transition.
Pusanweb - A guide to life in Pusan, South Korea. A multimedia collection of information, photos, discussions, classifieds (jobs, housing, personals) and lots more about life in Busan (Pusan) Korea
Expatriates.com - community ads, resource directory, and forum for expatriates.
Canada Wise is the premier provider of settlement and information services for newcomers to Canada. Let us help you!
British Expat - The free online lifestyle magazine and community site for Brits worldwide - fun, travel, information and loads of original content.
Visit WorldVu for International information for travellers and businesses.
Gringoes - on the go, in the know - Brazil's first portal for the foreign community with lots of useful information and services including classified ads, cinema guide, street maps etc.
Expatriates Asian Link Site - References and Resources and more ...
www.asiaexpat.info -- Find an Asia forum and loads of info on S.E. Asia
Expat Exchange - Center for expat, repat, repatriate, and expatriate information. Find out about expat information and international living.