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#1--Around the World with Expat World #7--CRAPPER RAPPER "The Only News Fit to Read on the Pottie"
#2--SWISS BANKS TURN JUDAS FOR A FEE #7--CRAPPER RAPPER "The Only News Fit to Read on the Pottie"

information was deemed accurate when written but the you the reader is always advised to do your own homework. Life situations change very quickly. If you have specific questions- Write EW. Hard as we try at EW to keep you up to date with current and correct information, things can change very rapidly in the Post 911 world we live in.


For our readers who are fascinated by the friendly hands-on approach of sex in South East Asia we bring you an article from what EW has rated the best newsletter (actually a small format magazine) about the true nature of the sex scene in Asia. This newsletter , ASIA FILE, is delightful reading for anyone of age and anyone who hasn't the morals of Victorian England (actually, research has determined that the Victorian crowd were some of the randish bed hoppers in modern history, but hid it well behind the stauch upper lip facade). This newsletter has it all with great practical advice, directory of hot spots, photos, classifieds, capsule sex news digest from all over Asia and in general a real good read if you like the LBFM's (if you don't know what they are you NEED a subscription to Asia File. Subscription details are at the end of this AF article.


If you never been to Cambodia let me present a capsule picture of general day-to-day conditions before we get on with the pussy patrol. SCENE: The rush hour traffic of cyclos and mottos has become chaotic. An opposition political party HQ was bombed, AND it's no longer a matter of overambitious adventurers getting kidnapped and murdered in the countryside (such as happened several times in '94). In September an acquaintance of mine was fired upon by soldiers, right in the city. His companion, the son of the Bulgarian Ambassador, has permanent brain damage. Both motorcyclists were robbed by their "rescuers" on the way to the hospital. An isolated incident to be sure, but not the sort of thing that happens as often in Bangkok. All of mainland S.E. Asia has been severely hit by flooding this rainy season, and this capital city's roads are definitely the worst in the region. While researching nightclubs one night, I had to traverse .3 kilometers of Mao Tse Tung Road which was three feet under water. Does wonders for one's shoes. Better to wear flip-flops. All but the classiest nightclubs will let Westerners in even if slovenly dressed.

Although NIGHTLIFE in Phnom Penh is more changeable than in any other S.E. Asian city, the types of venues remain constant. Dancing restaurants and nightclubs consist of some combination of the following:

  1. Massage, which runs from $6 to $10 an hour with sex negotiated for extra in private. Body massage as in Bangkok is around $40 and includes sex. Negotiating for sex separately and privately with a body massage woman is not an option. They know you might shoot your load while getting lathered.

  2. Women available for $5, however long they sit with you - for company only. After closing (11:30 week nights, midnight weekends) you can easily arrange an all-nighter. Just ask the mamasan to introduce you to a girl who meets your requirements.

  3. Moderate to pricey restaurants.

  4. Private karaoke rooms with laser discs of scantily-clad Asian
    songstresses. Rooms charged for by the hour.

  5. Electronic gambling machines.

  6. Hotel with luxurious rooms.

  7. Live band - Khmer/Thai//English music

In my opinion, the dancing restaurants catering Khmers are more fun than the nightclubs catering East Asians (Koreans. Chinese, etc.) So you can be fed, entertained, pampered, screwed, "blewed" and tattooed by the nightlife in Phnon Penh.

Your choice depending on your "style".

PACIFIC KTV: Many attractive women. Twenty minutes of two girls' company and drinks for four cost us $18.10. The mamasan was enthusiastic to find the exact type of girls we wanted. But the beauties wanted $70 for all night. One chased us outside and asked for a tip and cursed us for not tipping them $5 more each!

B. BOSS: Want to hob-knob with Generals and Government Ministers drinking 'Remy Martin' ? At closing time Chinese men in parked cars solicit the girls leaving work. We saw a fabulous beauty wearing at least $150 worth of designer clothing (hard to get /expensive in Cambodia). Too rich for my blood.

NEAK POAN: Across the street and a block north. Very popular. Great music.
FLOWERS: No. 53 Rd 214, across from Broadway Massage; Tel: 018-812586. Super plush. Beer is $4. Mostly East Asian clientele.
LUCKY CHARM: 95 Mao Tse Tung; Tel: 017-201020 . Very spacious. Good floor show.

POLO CLUB: No 47 Road 111; Tel: 015-917486 Accommodating manager. Exciting cabaret show. Not too dark.
NO.1: Classic Khmer nightclub. At No. 332-336, Street 360; Tel: 28571.
CASH BOX: ( THIS RIP-OFF PLACE DEFIANTLY NOT RECOMMENDED) - - overrated strip show, expensive drinks.
DRAGON PALACE: (AGAIN, NOT RECOMMENDED) - dirty and smokey, this expat hangout is low budget and it shows. Mostly hags these days.


SVAY PAK: In August of 1995 this holy of holies 11 km north of Phnom Penh was virtually burned to the ground in an "accident" (men in green uniforms were seen leaving the sight... ) Since only those brothels able to pay in gold to the firemen were doused, most of the gals became temporarily homeless. But like a phoenix rising from tile ashes, K 11 is being rebuilt, in concrete this time.

House 999 has several young lovelies, with whom I always had good times. Foreigners usually pay $5, unless they're in the know that the local price is R 10,000 ($4 ) Cambodia even has bank note denominations of that amount now. That way there's no need to ask for change. All night with one of the better girls is under $25. The age of girls at Sway Pak is typically under 20 years, with older and younger exceptions.

On one car trip back with three Vietnamese girls for a threesome at my hotel the Military Police stopped our car. Because the officer had already arrested (before we arrived) two other girls for no identity cards, I couldn't pay him off (I tried!). He eventually let us off.

Aircon cars with driver will go from Phnom Penh to Sway Pik or elsewhere within safe areas for $20 a day, or eight hours for $15. Ask at parked cars at the side street beside the Sukhalay Hotel.

TUOL KORK: It'll never be as hopping as it was during the UN soldiers presence, and it's second rate compared to Sway Pak. But this brothel strip has revived since the autumn of 94 crackdown on Vietnamese illegal aliens. The gal at my regular house had gone back to Vietnam, but another almost hairless cutie of perhaps 18 years was a welcome replacement.

Short-time was fun; she giggled as I leisurely explored her tight tiny body. But her shining eyes and happy smile had vanished when I arrived a week later to take her all-night. She didn't appear afraid or sad - but rather totally emotionless, as if she had resigned herself to some terrible fate. Maybe a client had beaten her or the management threatened her. The vacant look in her eyes (drugs?) was very disturbing so I took her back for a refund. Seeing some Khmer male friends, I instead sang karaoke at a roadside shack and shared beer with them.

When the chemistry with a girl is wrong or you sense no good will come of a liaison, call it a day is my advice. You'll regret screwing an uninspired girl. Trust me.

AND FINALLY, THAT MIDNIGHT SNACK (Not hairy pie you pervert)


MAMAK'S CORNER is a new Malaysian restaurant east of the Alson Hotel. Inexpensive and recommended. You can eat for less than $2 a dish at this regular Khmer restaurant as you can at many others. Few have English menus though. The air-con SEVEN SEVEN west of the Australian Embassy has an extensive menu of Indian and Filipino food. Moderate. At No.403 Monivong (a few shops south of the Hong Kong Hotel) is a Chinese restaurant serving dishes of various reptiles and mammals. If you're searching for Vietnamese food to feed your female companion, two beef noodle (Pho) cafes have opened up on the east side of Monivong. One is across from the Pailin Hotel, another a block south, Look for red signs of a cow's face.

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