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Table of Contents
#1--Around the World with Expat World #7--CRAPPER RAPPER "The Only News Fit to Read on the Pottie"
#2--SWISS BANKS TURN JUDAS FOR A FEE #7--CRAPPER RAPPER "The Only News Fit to Read on the Pottie"

information was deemed accurate when written but the you the reader is always advised to do your own homework. Life situations change very quickly. If you have specific questions- Write EW. Hard as we try at EW to keep you up to date with current and correct information, things can change very rapidly in the Post 911 world we live in.



The following article is part of a transcript from a training session for US Department of Justice employees given in Washington D.C. in June, 1996. EW got the transcript through a known and reliable source to whom it was leaked by an actual attendee of the session. Although the whole transcript is too long for publication here, we have extracted the section dealing with how Big Brother can put you in the poorhouse by confiscating your assets which you thought were safe in a Swiss bank. All but the most naive person should have already realized that Big Brother is out to KNOW about every penny you own and to GET for itself every penny it DESIGNATES IT IS ENTITLED TO whether it really has any claim to the money or not.

The big breaking story of BB's confiscation's is the now COMPLETE capitulation by Swiss banks to give up your money at the drop of a hat and receive 33 percent of the account balance as a "cooperation fee". The Judas Swiss Bank Authority through the Swiss Department of Justice has sold Americans down the river to the American Feds much as they did the Jews of Germany prior to and during World War II. Swiss banking secrecy is now really a joke, only much of the world doesn't know yet. What EW is about to tell you WILL become common knowledge later in time. Right now all methods are being applied to keep the Swiss bank capitulation to the US Feds under raps and out of the general public's knowledge.

The transcript you are about to read on the Swiss banks' sellout has to do specifically with a case of screwing Wayne Phillips, who exposed and made a business out of supplying kits for ordinary people to apply for free loans and grants given by the US Government. This knowledge wasn't to become pubic knowledge as the free loans and grants we're kept for the fat cats and retiring double dipping ex-government employees. That story is too long for this edition of EW. The part we are reporting is the connection with the Swiss banks dealing with the sting on Phillips.
The transcript is quoted word for word -highlighted passages are the EW editor's highlighting The government instructor at the training session is speaking.


Our mail opening and wire taps in the year before the raid also yielded some indication that Phillips had substantial funds abroad, probably in Switzerland, because he regularly visited Zurich. Yet there were at first substantial problems in front of us if we were to seize funds on deposit in Switzerland. Under the old rules of the game (pre-1996) we had to identify the holder by the name he used in Switzerland. We had to identify the exact bank and branch, we had to convince the Swiss Department of Justice that the funds were the proceeds of a crime that was also a crime under Swiss law. In 1995, we came to an agreement that money laundering is a crime.
Money laundering is any activity regarding tainted money. If we knew only the name of a suspected criminal like Phillips, the Swiss Department of Justice would circulate that name to all banks in Switzerland. In the event of a possible account, the info in our USA file copy of the passport, plus passport on file with the bank would be compared. In the event of a positive match, the account would be frozen. The Swiss account would be turned over to the US Treasury if and when the target was convicted of any crime in the USA.

These Swiss rules made it extremely difficult for us to actually gain control over an account and so we began seizing all the USA dollar deposits of any Swiss banks where accounts we wanted to seize were held. This resulted, as might be expected, in a good deal of screaming in pain by the Swiss bankers. A compromise was then reached. And this deal gentlemen, is to be kept secret as long as possible.

We always knew the Swiss Banks were whores that would sell out to the highest bidders. Their public relations image was to pretend that their much vaunted bank secrecy was put in force to protect Jews who were persecuted in Nazi Germany. The fact is that any non-legally-resident prewar Jews were shipped right out of Switzerland during the war into the hands of the Nazis, even though the officials knew murder was to be their fate. The banks were happy to transfer the dormant Jewish accounts to their own capital. So much for the good attentions of going to impose on him when we get him back here. And mark my words, we will get him back here, one way or another. But for Phillips and his ilk, for the first time, in this breakthrough, the Swiss are with us instead of against us. As I said at the outset, it is really sweet when the customer's whore finally comes in out of the cold and becomes a government agent. The Swiss, having tasted the easy money to be made from confiscation programs will no doubt be rushing to make similar deals with the French, Italians and Germans. And that will be the end of the myth of bank secrecy in Switzerland!

But now let's go back to the story of Phillips. Let's say we didn't have his assets in hand yet. If we had him in custody, we now have legally sanctioned ways to get an inmate to not only spill the beans about any secret offshore accounts they may have, but also we can get him to sign it over to us. Our methods are no big secret. We throw the bastards into a metal box without any windows - without any food, water or toilet facilities. We tell them to signal only when they are ready to cooperate. And then we "throw the key away" and forget all about them. We get cooperation or else they are dead. Our statistics are roughly 100% cooperation within five days. (Laughter)

In Phillips case, we couldn't arrest him in the past because preparation for our criminal case wasn't complete. In every case, when we throw someone in the can, here in the USA we still have to bring charges within a few days. Of course what we need is the continental Europe system where suspects can be held indefinitely in prison without trial. But for the moment, we don't have this system. We still have to convince a jury that the guy has committed enough crimes to warrant a jail sentence. Our 99% conviction rate means we are doing our job very well. Fortunately, the jury can't be told whether their conviction verdict carries a year sentence or twenty years. They might refuse to convict a guy like Phillips if they knew we'd send him away for the rest of his life for giving away free books.

Well EW reader's I hope you "read it and weep" for it's the true exposure of the Swiss Banks' cover of having strict bank secrecy laws and how the US government operates to make one and all wage-slaves to the state.

This story is only a few pages of the 15 pages of transcript we have in hand. If anyone would like the full "report" we will have it reproduced in it's entirety. The cost inclusive of airmail delivery is US $20. It's a fascinating read, especially for those who have doubt's to what length the Big Brothers of the world will go to rob you blind and put you in a Club Fed to boot. Order through: EW, BB report, Box 1341, Raffles City, Singapore, 9117.